Banned contacts

Following information are here for development purposes and may not reflect the current state of any Jami client.

Introducing scenario

Let’s explain banned contacts with a simple scenario:

Alice and Jessica are friends, and like all good friends do, they use Jami to communicate. They are both Jami contact of each other, so Alice is a contact of Jessica and Jessica is a contact of Alice. Some day however, Jessica does something really bad to Alice and Alice doesn’t want to hear from her anymore. Instead of removing Jessica from her contacts – which would still allow Jessica to send her contact requests, Alice bans Jessica.

So, what does it mean?

In the daemon

Jessica won’t be notified that she was banned by Alice.

As a banned contact of Alice, Jessica won’t be allowed to contact her anymore, in any way. Text messages, voice or video calls won’t be acknowledged or answered in any way. Alice won’t even be aware that Jessica tried to contact her.

Banned contacts are synched across linked devices like other contacts.